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Jehovah's Witnesses Convention

21 June 2024

jehovahs witnesses convention
Jehovah's Witnesses Convention
The Eikon Exhibition Centre will be the setting for the Jehovah’s Witnesses annual convention themed “Declare the Good News” from July 5th to 7th, 2024.

This three-day event promises to be a significant gathering, drawing attendees from across the region and beyond, eager to participate in a series of spiritual programs and talks. The convention will feature a diverse array of programs aimed at enriching the spiritual lives of attendees and equipping them with tools to share their faith more effectively.

Keynote addresses, Bible-based lectures, and multimedia presentations are scheduled, with topics designed to inspire and educate. In addition to the spiritual content, the convention serves as a reunion for Jehovah’s Witnesses, providing a platform for attendees to reconnect with friends and family, and build new relationships within their faith community. The sense of unity and shared purpose is a hallmark of these gatherings, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment.

The convention is open to the public, and Jehovah’s Witnesses extend an invitation to anyone interested in learning more about their faith and the message of the Bible. The event promises to be a spiritually enriching experience, offering insight, encouragement, and a deeper understanding of the good news they are eager to declare.

For more information and to register to attend please visit JW.ORG

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